Napa-Sonoma Gift Baskets

At Napa Sonoma Grocery Company we pride ourselves on our beautiful gift baskets, each made with care for you, our customer. Our Gourmet Snack Baskets are filled with a variety of sweet, salty, and savory snacks. Our Wine and Cheese Baskets will have one or more bottles of wine and a selection of gourmet snacks to complement the wine. There is something for everyone to enjoy in each and every basket we make!

Our Signature Gift Baskets are available at the following prices:

  • Grab ‘n Go Snack      $35.00

  • Small Snack               $60.00 

  • Medium Snack           $80.00 

  • Large Snack               $105.00

  • XLarge Snack            $130.00

  • Grand Snack              $205.00

  • Celebration Champagne Ice Bucket (with Champagne or Wine)      $60.00

  • Beer Baskets (basket or galvanized tub)                                            $103.00

  • Breakfast Basket (basket or breakfast bowl)                                      $55.00

  • Taste of Nevada (Nevada-shaped flat wire box)   $40.00
  • Nevada Box- Nevada Shaped Gift Box                $70.00
  • Nevada Basket (with or without wine)                 $70.00

In addition to our Signature Collection, we offer specialty custom baskets for any occasion. Give us a budget and an idea of products that you would like, and we will be happy to create a personalized basket just for you! Discuss your basket options with one of our basket designers by filling out the contact form, located on this page. 

Shipping and Delivery Options

We offer local delivery options for our gift baskets and wine.

For non-local buyers we offer shipping on wine.

Charges will be calculated at check-out.Please be sure the address and zip code are accurate as shipping costs are determined by zip code.

*There are 11 states to which we cannot ship wine to.*  

Wine, Gift Shop & Custom Baskets


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Hand Crafted Gift Baskets

Made in Nevada

  • Grab 'n Go with Wine         $40.00

  • Small Wine and Cheese      $60.00

  • Medium Wine and Cheese  $80.00

  • Large Wine and Cheese      $105.00

  • XLarge Wine and Cheese   $130.00

  • Grand Wine and Cheese     $250.00