Napa-Sonoma Wine Tasting - Weekly Events - Dinner Specials

Napa-Sonoma Grocery Company's extensive wine list includes exquisite bottles from around the globe. Our sommelier, Simon, has traveled the world collecting only the finest wines and spirits.  We host the best wine tasting in Reno!



Finest Foods

The best part of any meal is desert, of course. Our bakery chef creates a unique experience with each desert on our menu. Enjoy the magical tastes of Chef Enrique.

Chef Enrique serves gourmet meals prepared with only the freshest organic produce. We ensure the quality of our dishes with the quality of our ingredients. 

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At Both Locations: Plumgate 775-826-0595 Napa South 775-440-1214!!!

Napa-Sonoma Grocery Company in Reno